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    handmade with love

    reclaimed sterling silver and 14k yellow gold

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    carmela earrings

    hand crafted with reclaimed sterling silver and american mined gemstones

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    american mined gemstones

    Sterling silver fern earrings featuring american mined Number 8 Turquoise from Nevada and Variscite from Utah.

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    made in new hampshire

    each piece is carefully crafted from scratch. reclaimed metal is cut, forged, and soldered. gemstones are sourced, collected, and cut. creating beauty from raw materials.

    talisman rings

    talisman rings

    Talisman rings are worn for protection, good fortune, and positive energy. They are believed to give the wearer power and strength. Build your own custom stack of tailsman rings that you can wear several different ways for years to come!


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